Brooklyn, Ohio,
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Jared Gross
(The Ohio State University)

I was coming to visit Brooklyn—Brooklyn Ohio that is—when I went home to Cleveland one weekend. I asked my friend Tony, who lived there for 14 years of his life, to show what it was all about. He told me about the rivalries with the town bully, Dirty Willy, and his sidekick brother, Inbred Jed. He showed me the Tinker Park where he and his siblings would play. Also the great John "Little John" Rinaldi's home is in Brooklyn. Then came the downside of Brooklyn: Old Brooklyn. Old Brooklyn is a part of Cleveland that has been turned savage by poverty and the adult pornography industry.

Dirty Willy

Dirty Willy was a bully, about ten years ago, and still may be. He terrorized the children of the Brooklyn Heights area. Stories have been told of how he chased four-year-old kids with a knife just for kicks. He was proud of his crappy old moped, and was once going to sell it to my friend Tony. When Tony said how crappy it was Dirty Willy chased him and almost cut Tony's throat. Dirty Willy may still be around so I was careful when I was in Brooklyn.

Tinker Park

Located in Brooklyn Heights is a nice park called Tinker Park. There is a big ravine where you can take walks down and go looking for crawfish, and you can skip rocks. There is a big playground, and lots of baseball diamonds. Tinker Park is a real family kind of place. Check it out.

Little John

John "Little John" Rinaldi is famous in Cleveland. He co-hosts a late-night movie show on WUAB-43 with Big Chuck. He also owns a very prosperous jewelry store in Cleveland. He is Brooklyn's most famous inhabitant.

Old Brooklyn

Old Brooklyn is now a part of Cleveland. The only remains of a large Polish community that are still left are a few scattered Catholic churches, and some wandering elderly women with babushkas. It is a very poor and dilapidated area with mostly porn shops, car related stores, and a few cheap restaurants. It is a tough area that holds little identity anymore. Take a ride south on West 25th and see for yourself what can happen when jobs are few and hunger is high.

A quick look at Brooklyn, Ohio:

Brooklyn is located to the southwest of Cleveland.

Population: 11,697
Median Household Income: $30,429
Square miles: 4.3

It has a beautiful recreation center that includes a swimming pool, racquetball courts, and a hockey rink. Recently Brooklyn received a grant to refurbish Memorial Park behind city hall to build a "super playground" with activities for children, putting green, and a field house.

A picture of me (right) and my friend, Tony, in front of the Brooklyn Heights activities board.

Old Brooklyn is a rather conservative area of town, but one thing still does puzzle me about Brooklyn. If it is so conservative why does this stuff exist there?

The type of movie theater old Pat wouldn't approve of lies just one mile north of his sign on Pearl road.

An elderly woman walking through old Brooklyn.

Brooklyn Heights is a family oriented town. Come visit it soon!

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