I-64 around the Poseyville exit:
(both east and westbound). Marked and unmarked police cars sit on the overpass or on the entrance ramp to the highway and zap unsuspecting motorists. You may not see another cop on the entire length of I-64 in Illinois but you will see one around Poseyville.

I-57 from Champaign-Ford county line to Kankakee:
This area seems to be crawling with state troopers almost every time I drive it. Be especially careful in Iroquois County; that's where most of them seem to lurk. Also, the state police district post is in Ashkum (exit 293), so be especially careful around that area.

East St. Louis, on I-255:
Just north of Route 15 and south of I 64. The road does a gentle curve and State Troopers take advantage of the limited visibility. They park in the left median just around the curve.

Sleepy Hollow:
This is THE WORST! Rt. 72 coming off of Randell road and heading into the Sleepy Hollow township, they have their own little police force ( its like 8 cops total ) and THEY HAVE NOTHING BETTER TO DO!

On Annie Glidden Rd. between Hillcrest and Lucinda Ave. The cop (usually DeKalb, not NIU) usually sits next to the power transformer, so you can't see him if you're going toward Lucinda. If he's not there, he's across the street on Crane Dr. by University Plaza. He'll sit down the street a little so you can't see him 'til it's too late.

I-355 Southbound at I-88 underpass:
Cop sits under tunnel, in the right shoulder.

Stone Park:
A very small suburb west of chicago. Primary source of revenue is the speed trap running the length of the town. Mannheim Rd. south of North Avenue (Rt-64) to Lake St. (Rt-20) is six lanes across and the speed limit is 30 Mph. Travelling at 35 Mph will get you a ticket. Radar surveillance can pop up anywhere along his short stretch of road but ironically most often they will monitor you right in front of the Stone Park police station! Commuters beware.

Forest View:
47th Street east of Central Avenue. Forest View cops enforce the 30 mph limit on this large 4 lane road with a vengeance! This town of 750 near Chicago has mostly factories, so they have to count on ticket revenues to supplement their city budget.

51st street west of Central Avenue. The north side of the street is Stickney, while the South side is Chicago. Either Stickney cops or Cook County cops enforce the 30 mph limit AND stop signs!

LaGrange Road (US 12-20-45) South of I-55:
This large 3 lane expressway only has a 45 MPH limit. Near the end of the bridge is a slight downward incline which makes it easier to speed (or harder to stay within limit?) and conveniently, a cop is always either in the center median, on the shoulder or parked in the driveway to a factory just waiting to bust you.

55th Street and 47th Street West of I-294. Hinsdale cops have this neat hiding spot with its own entrance ramp to the main street. It looks like someone's driveway if you are heading west, but it can be seen if you are heading east if you drive slowly. They hide there and write tickets left and right.

The cops here have a quota system, where they get promotions for writing tons of tickets, so they will ticket you for 1-2 mph over the limit. Drive carefully here for they'll bust you for almost anything!

Located on route 29 just South of Springfield. Speed limit 45 mph. You better not try going faster! Police set at one end of town or the other.

On Quentin Road, north of Route 12. Kildeer police hide at Pine Lake Circle and Quentin and clock northbound cars. Beware especially after dark. Kildeer police often clocks oncoming traffic anywhere on Quentin Road between Route 12 and Route 22.

Annie Glidden Rd. between Hillcrest and Lucinda Ave. The cop (usually DeKalb, not NIU) usually sits next to the power transformer, so you can't see him if you're going toward Lucinda. If he's not there, he's across the street on Crane Dr. by University Plaza. He'll sit down the street a little so you can't see him 'til it's too late.

Where I-74 crosses over I-57:
Eastbounders on I-74 have to go over a slight hill for the bridge over I-57 and Mr. State Police usually sits on the left side just out of sight until you are right on top of him. The speed limit has just changed from 65 to 55, so this is a double whammy of the over the hill poor visibility and only about 1/2 mile or so to slow down to 55.

Schiller Park, Route 19 (Irving Park Rd):
Travelling east, just before Routes 12/45 (Manheim Rd). Once you start seeing O'Hare Airport, be on the lookout for a drop in the speed limit from 55 to 40, accompanied by a fairly sharp bend to the right. Once you come around that bend, there is often a marked car waiting to snag an unsuspecting motorist who has not noticed or ignored the posted drop in speed.

Occasionally the ISP will set up ten or so cars and an airplane between 167th and 159th streets (Listen to the CB, if you have one. The truckers will tell you miles ahead of time).

I-57 Near Kankakee:
Ten miles in either direction. Three separate ISP districts have jurisdiction near this town, as do Will and Kankakee Counties.

Sauk Trail, Cicero Ave., Governors Hwy:
In and around Richton Park. This is one police department I have NO respect for. Seems like they spend an inordinate amount of time protecting the trap (especially sauk trail west of town) from those who would do 50 in a 45 zone. Meanwhile, I've been just about run down by speeder on the residential streets. They like to hide behind the various "Welcome to Richton Park" signs at the boarders of town. On at least one occasion, they've pulled over a police car from another jurisdiction (they let the guy go, but he was not happy)

Cicero & Governors Hwy, In University Park:
Don't blow the stop sign at the speedway, and watch for radar traps. They don't employ "instant on radar" so a detector will go a long way in this area. You'll get burned for 5 mph + over.

Sheridan Road, Evanston:
The area where the road curves around a grave yard, then enters Chicago is a BAD speed trap. I got nailed by a motorcycle cop hiding behind a bush with an "instant on" radar. Speed limit is 30, and this road looks like a good place to stretch out and pass the slugs that invariably get in front of you and do 20. DON'T. Wait 30 seconds until you're in Chicago, THEN pass them. Same speed limits apply, but I regularly do 45 to 50 and sometimes get passed by cops. I don't think they care.

Stone Park:
Very small suburb. When travelling on Mannheim Rd from the North, be careful. The speed limit drops from 45 to 30 mph and there is usually a friendly police officer there to "remind" you.

North of Paletine of Rt. 53 at Dundee Rd there is a sheltered median crossing where the state patrol loves to hide.

Barely south of the Wisconsin border, at US 12 and IL 173. On IL 173, drops from a 55 to a 35 zone in less than 1/4 mile. Richmond cops also patrol north of the town on US 12.

S.R. 3 from Gorham going South to McClure:
Numerous State Police cruising North and South on this 35 mile long stretch of perfectly straight, boring flat road. It is very tempting to cruise 80 on this 55 mph road, but their method of attack is to use instant-on coming towards you in the oncoming lane. They use it quickly and efficiently, and my Valentine One has sometimes been caught unaware. They rarely sit along the road, or hide, just cruise endlessly. One must watch for Wolf Lake, as it goes from 55 to 30 in the blink of an eye, and the ever-present County Patrol likes to sit in the gas station parking lot.

I-55 Northbound - Springfield Metro Area:
Heavily patrolled - I counted 8 state troopers. They were using LASER and X-Band Radar.

I-64, b/w Collinsville and Fairview Heights exits:
Huge speed trap. I travel that road about 100 times a year and 30 to 40% of the time there's someone pulled over by the cops.

I-70 5 miles east of St. Louis:
Heavily patrolled by Fairmont City police. Apparently this little city heavily subsidizes their budget by nabbing speeders along this flat stretch. As a speed trap though, they are fairly lenient - they allow +10 mph and do not interfere with rush hour. If you pay the city fine without a fight it will cost you $50 with no record. A fight results in a minimum $75 fine + court costs.

The village of Golf (a North Suburb of Chicago):
This little hamlet has run a speed trap for years on Golf Road between Harms Road and Waukegan Road. Moving east under the railroad underpass, the Golf police clock as you descend. Moving west, there is a reduction in speed just before the bridge. The village lets the tree overhang the sign, and they clock just on the other side of the bridge. FYI - the village was fined at least once by a good judge for running the overgrown sign trap. Ticket revenue is the #1 source of funds for the Village of Golf. Note that Morton Grove also tickets just after the railroad bridge going west.

Carol Stream Route 64 (North Ave.):
Now 3 lanes with a 20ft grass median. This stretches from just west of Gary ave. in Carol Stream to I-355 in Lombard. Cops sit in the median all along the road, but mostly in Carol Stream. The posted limit is 45

I think Normal must pride itself on the number of tickets it gives in a year. Especially bad is the stretch of U.S. 51 (Main St.) that cuts right through the center of both towns. Don't try anything here--stay at 30 mph.

Far north end of Lake Shore Drive (Hollywood):
Don't ever be the first car speeding out southbound. There is frequently radar waiting for the first speeder - especially of you have out of state plates

Southbound Lake Shore Drive, south end of Soldiers Field:
Police sometimes sit behind the construction barricade and wait for drivers as they come around the bend.Because of bright orange safety net it is sometime difficult to spot the car.

Southern Illinois north of Cairo:
Route I-57 between mile marker 4 and 22. This is hilly country and the sheriff deputies like to hide and catch motorist on the hilly sections of the highway. This is a good source of revenue for this poor county.

Harwood Hts, IL (Chicago Suburb):
Road: N. Harlem Ave. between Foster and Montrose. The Harwood Hts cops LOVE to sit in at least 3 different spots in this area.

South Beloit:
Highway 75 from the Holiday Inn to Highway 2. Posted is 30. THey will nab you over 30 (from personal experience).

Dundee and most anyplace. Northbrook has some of the slimiest cops around. Some cops BS to meet their quota.

Lake Street from the the 94 expressway to Waukegan Rd. Posted speed is 35 MPH. They will wait in a church parking loat or by the forest preserve.

Lake Shore Drive southbound:
The area just south of 47th St. to about 53rd. There's a hill at 47th. On the other side of this hill there will routinely be a C.P.D. cruiser. Usually in the morning since traffic is moving faster in this direction at this time of day.

Lake Shore drive northbound:
The entire area from 53rd to 23rd is dangerous. This is especially true in the late afternoon and early evening hours. Usually in plain view, but they still do big business for city revenues.

Naper Blvd is the one of the main North-South roads through this community. It is a big revenue producer. Parts of the road look like you should be able to go 45 but the limit in most places is 35.

Worth near Alsip Small south suburb of Chicago:
115th st. between Harlem and Ridgeland. I drive through this area 4-6 times a week and see someone pulled over at least 50% of the time. It is a two lane residential street that links to major industrial areas. Do not go over 35 and do not blow a stop sign,

I-55 in Springfield to 104:
Lots of troopers back and forth from the state capital to the training academy and district on the south edge of Lake Springfield. 55 limit the whole 8 miles, with a tolerance of maybe 5. Many others go on down to IL 104 (changes to 65 zone about a mile south of the district headquarters) where they exit to go to the firing range and driving range located just east of I-55. On a typical week-day, will see between 3 and 5 cars on just that 20 mile stretch.

I-80 entering construction zone near Wyamet, Bureau County:
They hide on the left eastbound as the speed limit drops from 65 to 55 and the construction zone begins. Motorists can't see them because of guardrails and a bridge abutment. Look for car stopped late into the night, as this is an easy way to rack up tickets.

I would like you to add this to the list of all other traps. Hwy 157 passes thru this town for about three miles and for about one mile, there is a 30mph limit and if you are going one mile over, you get a ticket. So do slow down while you're going thru Caseyville, Illinois.

One of the worst areas for traps is on Route 38 (Roosevelt Rd) heading west right near OakBrook. The usual spot you can find a cop waiting is on the entrance ramp from Butterfield rd to Route 38. As you come under Butterfield, they're waiting right there. Unless you're looking you won't see them til you've already got them behind you. Also, just up ahead, the speed drops from 55 to 45 to 35. They do wait there occasionally to catch you too.

La grange road/US-45 (either direction) just south of the I-55 junction. At that point, La grange is a 4 lane divided highway with those big green interstate signs, but the speed limit is 45. There is a valley between the I-55 ramp and the Cal-Sag Channel bridge, which is apparently part of the little town of Hodgkins. If you aren't careful, they'll get you going down the hill towards the police car waiting at the bottom. Whirrrrr...

Washington, Hwy. 24 Bypass:
The intersection mentioned here is Approx 10-12 mi EAST of Peoria in the Town of Washington (10,500) 50 yd after (EAST) the Cummings lane intersection on the HWY 24 Bypass in Washington IL An officer will sit in the median of the road clocking traffic (especially late at night)

I-57, mile marker 293:
There is an airplane speed trap set up for southbound drivers, heading south from Kankakee. The Illinois State Police camp out and pull you over at mile marker 290. Forget arguing, because the plane rules. The cop who got me told me the best way to avoid the ticket: on a sunny day, watch for planes, and even if you're speeding when you cross the first hatch mark, slow down to average your speed to 65 by the time you cross the second hatch mark. The cop's partner seemed mighty displeased about this tip being passed along.

Cary is a small town about 40 miles northwest of Chicago. The police like to set up radar traps on Hwy. 14 between Cary and Fox River Grove and on Cary Algonquin Rd. between Cary and Algonquin.

I-55N coming out of St. Louis:
Just before you approach I-255N, there is a curve in the road, plus a little dip. About 500 feet after this dip, there is an u-turn area where two cops sit and nail speeders in both directions. Once, I saw a police on a motorcycle sitting under the overpass before this area too.

Be advised that vehicles traffic has been stopped on Interstate 80 from mile marker 56 in Princeton IL to mile marker 90 in Ottawa IL. The entire stretch interstate is stopped and EVERY vehicle occupant is ordered out and subjected to a vehicle search. Bureau County, and LaSalle County,sheriffs and the Illinois State Police are conducting these searches. This information is confirmed by family living in the immediate area. Elderly, young, you name it. These searches are conducted twice weekly in an attempt to locate guns, drugs, and cash. Any occupant who refuses to allow the search is subjected to a sniff test by the canine squad, arrested, and vehicles impounded. This is not an exaggeration of any kind. It is reality for the area residents and any happless travelers passing through North Central Illinois. I have been told this is a pilot program of things to come. Welcome to reality ladies and gentlemenn. Again, this is not an exaggeration. Be advised that you should take alternate secondary routes or monitor CB radio traffic while journeying through Illinois. Anyone with out of state plates is in trouble. The entire interstate is backed up for miles (east or westbound lanes depending) while police conduct these searches. Objection is natural but listen to me: {Uhhh, yeah, sure. I highly doubt this one, can someone confirm this entry??? --andy}

Wonder Lake in McHenry County:
A small portion of Wonder Lake is incorporated. It is on the west side of the lake. It runs north of Acorn Path to the end of Thompson. Incorporated Wonder Lake aka Sunrise Ridge has two squads. They hang out almost anywhere on Thompson. Be careful. Near McCullum Lake and Bull Valley

Bull Valley in McHenry County:
The entire town of Bull Valley speed traps are set up. One place of note is entering town on Bull Valley Road from the east. The speed limit drops from 55 to 40. Bull Valley police wait for you near Draper Road. Near Wonder Lake and McCullum Lake.

When travelling north or southbound on I-57, watch out when you enter the Kankakee area. I travel from Champaign to Chicago quite often, at different times and days of the week, and roughly 80% of the time there is a cop between mi. 311 & 315.

I-90 Chicago Skyway:
There is usually 1 CPD squad on the 6 mile Skyway. Favorite spots are ... I Westbound a)Service bay about 1 mile in from Indiana line; b)I-94 merge point on last exit ramp (State street) after limit drops to 45mph. c)exit ramps at Stoney Island and others. II Eastbound a) first three entrance ramps upto & include Stoney Island Av b) Service bay immediately before Indianapolis Blvd. Skyway special note: The CPD limit is one squad for the Skyway. Once you see a speed trap, you can be 99% sure there are no more.Chicago Note: Chicago only uses obsolete X-Band system. They usually leave it running so you always get an early warning.

LaGrange Park:
La Grange park is a tiny suburb SW of Chicago. Being a small town with almost no crime, the local police have nothing better to do than catch speeders. They only have about 5 cruisers mostly with old fashioned always on radar, however one has the dreaded LIDAR. This is the subject of this note. They may be monitoring anywhere along LaGrange Rd. (US 12-20-45) so it's a very bad idea to speed. They in particular like to sit at the corner of LaGrange Rd. and 31st Street (DuPage County 34). They sit in the Amoco station that sits on this corner and nail motorist from miles away. They don't even have to chase you as their is a stoplight at this corner. They just wave you in, but don't try to run, because they have another cruiser waiting just for this occasion. It's like shooting fish in a barrel, they pull em over one after another. LaGrange Rd. is a popular route for commuters from the SW suburbs so they have plenty of ammuniton.

Woodson, South of Jacksonville on U.S. 67:
Small town of less than 500 people. Must slow down to exactly 45 M.P.H. or less, or you will find yourself with a ticket.

Illinois' own Twin Cities. There are bored cops EVERYWHERE. We're glad they're bored, but this makes it hard on leadfoots. Just be wary.

I-74 south of Rock Island/Moline:
At a point about 6.5-7 miles south of Woodhull exit, the police like to gather along the left side of the interstate. Nice spot on an open road of boring scenery. The pedals goes down a little too far.

This town has a speed trap on US-36. The trap is found in one of three locations. Approximately 3/4 mile west of Newman on the south side of the hiway at the bank. There is an Amoco station 1/2 mile west of town on the north side of the HWY-36 where the trap is often set because you come down a hill headed east and it is easy to speed there. If the trap isn't at one of those two locations, then it is at the gas station/resturaunt on the north side of HWY-36. The prime time for the trap is after dark until 2 AM or so. When you see the 45 MPH sign, obey it!

Inverness, Cook County:
Baldwin Road (traveling east or west) between Roselle Road and Ela Road. Baldwin Road is marked at only 25 MPH, while Roselle and Ela are marked at 45 MPH (for the most part). Inverness cops love to hide in the bushes and wait for people new to the area to use Baldwin as a "cut through" to Northwest Highway.

Sutton Road, b/w Lake Cook Road and Higgins:
Another gold mine for Barrington Hills Police. This is a short cut to reach the route 59 on ramp of interstate 90. Posted speed limit is 35, however, because road is well maintained one can easily cruise on this road at 50. Most catches are either 3/4 mile north and south of Algonquin Road typically during both morning and evening rush hours.

On 183rd street between Halsted Ave and Governers Highway. On this very short stretch of road you count on there being at least two patrol cars. One always has someone pulled over. The speed limit is 30 - 35. Police will ticket for 5 over.

Fairmont City:
On I-55/70, 1 mile west of I-255, two cops like to sit in the median and use instant-on radar. If you are driving eastbound, watch out because this trap is right after a curve AND an underpass. On I-55/70, near the 5 or 6 mile marker, cops like to wait in the median and use radar to shoot both directions of traffic. There is a long straightaway from both directions, but the ground clutter prevents you from seeing them.

I-55 on either side of Pontiac:
My dad always warned me about this one. Heavy police action.

Slow to 55 at or before the tank farm on the west side of Ill.78 about a mile south of town. Henry County deputy likely running radar in parking lot just inside city limits.

Il-125 from Springfield to Beardstown:
Look as you enter Pleasant Plains. The speed drops from 55 to 35 immediately. He will be waiting for you at the top of the hill as you enter town. If he's not there he will be at the other end of town. usually sitting in trucking company lot on right (north) side of town. 5 miles down the road you will bypass Ashland, IL. Look at the fertilizer plant on the right (north) side of hiway. He will be sitting there. Especially after dark. Looking for revenue in town of 1,300.

Rt 53 at Northmost end (Lake Cook Rd.):
The officer parks under the Lake Cook Rd overpass. As the traffic exits east Lake Cook the officer gets an angled shot at the motorists heading to the west Lake Cook exit a 1/4 mile away. Especially hard to spot at dusk when the sun is in your eyes. The radar unit also hides here to beam the southbound traffic from Lake Cook Road.

I-55 around Pontiac:
Mile markers 192-201. State Police station off one exit. Generally are cruising rather than stopped. Sometimes stopped at top of hill nearer to mile marker 199-200. Also watch when they exit the rest areas.

I-88 under on-ramp to I-355:
There's a niche for them to sit under near the inside lane underneath the very high offramp to 355. This affects eastbound traffic. It's in a downhill gradual left turn. If you are driving in the leftmost of the three lanes, you won't see them until it's too late. Also watch out for police sitting in the median wall divider about two blocks further east of this point. Optical illusions make them hard to spot.

Elgin/O'Hare expressway going west:
The first exit at Mechum Road has a very, very long ramp. Itasca cops tagged me, right after they put up a white 40 mph sign. At least it was in Dupage county, where $75 gets you supervision by mail!

I-64 around the Poseyville exit:
(both east and westbound). Marked and unmarked police cars sit on the overpass or on the entrance ramp to the highway and zap unsuspecting motorists. You may not see another cop on the entire length of I-64 in Illinois but you will see one around Poseyville.

This town of 300 has the largest per capita police force in the US. 1 mile above the speed limit and its a ticket. Why Brooklyn? It's across the river from St. Louis and it has a thriving porn/striptease /prostitution strip. So unsuspecting tourist and business folk come to Brooklyn for a good time and end up paying for the Brooklyn P.D.'s shiney new patrol cars. They also run a search and seizure racket, but that's been curtailed due to court action.

(between Champaign-Urbana and Danville). It's a town of under 1000 people that gets lots of revenue from speeders. I went to traffic school after getting my ticket (in order to keep it off my record) and half of the class had received tickets in this town.

Sugar Grove:
Sugar Grove is located on state route 47 and state route 56. State route 56 provides easy access to I-88. The local yokels like to trap the commuters who use this route going to work in the Chicago suburbs

Germantown Hills:
(6 miles east of Peoria on state highway 116):
I know that this is a speed trap, because I am on the Village Board. Several years ago people complained about the high speeds through the Village, and we decided the only way to slow down traffic is to get a reputation for a speed trap. So we contract hire County Police primarily to operate radar and give tickets. We'd rather people just drive through slow, but so far we've not had any problem finding people to ticket. Village is short, suggest you just drop the speed for the short stretch through it. {Well, I guess it was kind of him to warn us, but it still seems a bit drastic. I would think a speedbump or two would be far less costly. --Andy}

Rt. 47 and ILL. Rt.38 in Elburn:
A large speed trap that is used by local, sheriff, and state police. This route is used to access the western suburbs of Chicago from the outlying areas (i.e. Northern Illinois University in DeKalb)

Freeman Spur, Energy, and Cambria:
(small towns of under 1000 all 15-25 minutes from Carbondale in Southern Illinois) The main drags of these three towns are heavily policed by bored cops, especially Freeman. Best thing to do is set your cruise for a little _less_ than the speed limit just to make sure they don't try to get you. They are all very active at looking for speeders, even if you are 1 or 2 mph over.

Bush, near Carbondale:
There is _always_ an old cop guy sitting on one of the two streets that cross the main drag (all of these towns in S. Ill. have only one main drag, which is basically the whole town). Go 40 mph, or get a ticket. {Why do most of the small towns seem to have an "old guy" catching speeders? --Andy}

A very small near Western suburb of Chicago with a very large police presence. St. Charles Rd. between I-294 and Mannheim Rd is ALWAYS manned by at least one radar gun. DO what the little white sign says and slow down.

Rte 47 Grundy County:
I have found through dozens of trips between Champaign and Woodstock that you might never see a cop anywhere else, but you WILL see one in Grundy County, usually a brown county car. When I went to traffic court I found that most speeding tickets were dismissed for supervision and court costs. Obviously for revenue.

Cicero Ave - Just north of I-55:
Cicero is a 4 lane road... looks fast, but the posted speed is a surprisingly slow 35 mph. The Stickney cops sit and wait to generate revenue for the city. The east side is of the road is Chicago (Chicago cops don't care if you do 100, as long as you feed your parking meter when you stop!) but Stickney cops can stop you on either side of the road!

State Rt. 9 through Tremont, just off I-155. This is a small village of 2000 in central Illinois about 20 miles from Peoria. The police in this town do nothing but patrol the highway to catch speeders. It doesn't matter if you are local or not, they'll ticket you for going 5 mph over the limit, so be careful. This is one of the only sources of revenue for this town, since the town leaders are very against new businesses or other new sources of revenue.

Lake Shore Drive and Wacker Dr. Be careful coming around the corner just after Wacker because invariably there is a cop waiting. The radar is aimed at the middle lanes, because people always seem to be pulled over when someone else is zipping by 10 mph faster to their left.

Sheridan Rd. and Northwestern University N.U. seems not to mind letting Evanston Police park in their lots, so resist the temptaion to speed past the school. They normally sit in the "Garrett" lot, just north of Foster, though I have seen them in the other lots as well.

Rt. 20 just E & W of Rt. 59:
County cops use the goldmine on Route 20 (Lake Street) which was improved to interstate quality overpass above Route 59. With the new wide roads, the posted limit was bumped down to 40 MPH; go figure.

On I-57 mainly traveling north, just after crossing the missippi. Just North of Cairo, it is very hilly and the state troopers hang out in brown unmarked late model chevys. (The one seemingly used by all states). The catch a lot of drivers new to the area, usually making their first trip to chicago. I have seen one trooper have 3 cars pulled over at the same time. The surrounding countryside provides plenty of cover. They show 0 tolerance on this stretch of the Interstate, while seeming to be very forgiving on the rest, (north of these hills, it gets very flat, and very very boring).

Eastbound Lake Street, off of 290. After exiting expressway, Lake street always looks invitingly quick...speed limit is 35 though, and cops will pull you over for more than 9 mph over.

Maywood / River Forest:
First Ave, just south of North Ave (Rt 64). Speed limit is 35 coming out of forest preserves to the south. But traffic, as well as some strange mysterious force that compels you to drive as fast as you can through the forest often gets you moving faster, much to the delight of the local cops killing time in the parking lot of the apartments south of Maywood Park.

120 (Belvideire Road) just West of Hainsville Road. Cops like to sit in used car lot. Speed drops from 55 to 40 going through the town. They will pull you over for going 5 miles over the speed limit. Anywhere in Hainsville!

Rt-30 east of I-39 (b/w IL Rt-251 and I-39):
Along this approximately 4mi stretch of sometimes hilly road an IL State officer will watch for speeders from a rest area. This area is obscured somewhat by a hill on either side so it pays to "just say 55" through this stretch.

Elgin-O'Hare expressway:
There is always an officer hidding under the bridge of the Roselle Rd. overpass. They also like hiding on the enterance ramps to the expressway specially the one for Rodenberg, and Wright Blvd.

Lake Zurich IL RT 12 b/w Old Rand Rd and Rt 22:
There is an underpass on Rt12 and the officer parks at the crest of the hill on either side. As you come under the underpass and start up the hill you are immediately clocked with a radar gun. Detectors don't seem to react until you have gone under the railroad trussel which blocks the radar signal from the other side. At that point it's too late.

Rt 53 at it's Northmost end (Lake Cook Rd.):
The officer parks under the Lake Cook Rd overpass. As the traffic exits east Lake Cook the officer gets an angled shot at the motorists heading to the west Lake Cook exit a 1/4 mile away. Especially hard to spot at dusk when the sun is in your eyes.

Gibson City:
On IL-47 at the west edge of town, especially at night, the G.C.P.D. will ticket for 5 mph over. Almost every time I pass through there (on frequent Champaign - Chicago sorties), my detector goes off, sometimes also south of G.C. Last Xmas eve, I got a "62 in a 55 zone", even though I was about to make a left turn and only going 40 when GCPD zapped me!!!

Busse Woods Forest Preserve, Elk Grove Village:
(Boat Ramp Entrance) At the first entrance East of Rt. 53 to the Busse Woods FP., a speed trap exists twice a day,7 days a week, (when the weather is nice) in the second parking area inside. The police are hidden behind a dense growth of bushes and trees, but just keep the RADAR gun on the time, nabbing those who idle above the 15mph posted limit. 16mph WILL get you pulled over for a check of ID and ALL car safety documents. 20mph costs $75 w/ traffic school! There is a HILL there to make it even more difficult to keep your speed down, which the cops just love. They sometimes have up to six officers there writing tickets and busting people.

Lakeshore Drive Southbound:
There are two major speedtraps. The first is at 31st st, where the McCormick Place ramp runs down to LSD. Cops sit underneath the overpass. The second is at 35th st - look out for a C.P.D. patrol car in the meridian. They use radar guns mounted on an arm that sticks 18 inches or so out from their car, and it seems not to be instant-on. Weekday evenings and the midday stretch seem to be the worst times. Contest the ticket; they just want $50 or so and they'll be happy.

I-74 Danville, Illinois, Both directions:
Driving from Indy to St. Louis, I counted 6 black and whites on a 2.5 mile stretch of road. On the return trip, I counted four more. The fact that I was in Indiana didn't stop the fifth from pulling me over. Oddly enough, the ticket said I was still in Illinois, even though the mile marker next to me said I wasn't.

McCullom Lake:
small village about 1.5 miles west of Route 31 in McHenry. McCullom Lake Road goes right through town. The town's only cop loves to sit behind a ridge behind railroad tracks on the town's east border. He will get anyone going more than 40. Occasionally will hide in other places along McCullom Lake Road so watch out.

Ela Rd, Inverness town
Additional Info: Barrington cops lurk between Palatine Rd and Dundee Rd. at all ours of the day and night, usually 7 days a week. The Barrington cops are rented to Village of Inverness and excel at this outrageous ripping off of the local Inverness taxpayers who pay them.

I-80, Bureau County road
Additional Info: The previous warning is, as far as I know, an exaggeration. I pass through there every few weeks and know a lot of people living in that area, and have never heard anything about police stopping all traffic. But--local police are quite serious about intercepting drug shipments headed to Chicago from the west, and have managed to garner a lot of publicity for arresting out-of-state drivers transporting huge amounts of drugs. I'd be surprised if they weren't keeping this in mind as they looked for speeders.

Hwy 20 - Freeport/Rockford road
Additional Info: The Hwy 20 Bypass around Freeport is a favorite district 16 moving radar trap. ISP uses moving radar in patrol cars and a white ford aerostar that, when passed, will issue a reminder. Court costs for supervision in Stephenson County are over $40, resulting in $105 fine to ask for supervision. Recently, VASCAR stripes have been added to the strech between Rockford and Freeport. Also, in Winnebago County, Hwy 20 between 39/51 and Meridian Rd. is a favorite mobile radar monitoring area. Some false lidar is experienced near Hwy 2 and 20.

Schick Rd. in Bloomingdale road
Additional Info: Between Bloomingdale Rd and Gary Ave. in Bloomingdale, IL, Schick Road is a virtual hunting ground for Bloomingdale police. This is a 4 lane/35 mph road. Beware interception from any of the numerous side streets and especially the driveways of Indian Lakes Country Club.

rt 51 road
Additional Info: the city cop in moroa illinois sits on rt 51 south on the macon dewitt county line .they to the best of my knowledge lie about the speed you were traviling

Northfield town
Additional Info: The whole town is a huge speedtrap. The city makes a lot of money off of ticket revenues. They sometimes let you go if you live in Northfield. There are three major speedtraps in the town. The first is on the curve of Willow road between Sunset ridge and Wagner. As you come either way on the street they use "instant on" radar and nail you. The next trap is at the corner of Willow and Sunset Ridge. The police will usually wait in the Gas station on the corner and nail you. The third is on Sunset Ridge Rd. when you are heading towards Northbrook. There is a service entrance to Sunset Ridge Country club that the Police always hide out in. In the winter months they pull into the parking lot and hit you with radar as they are guarded by ten foot tall trees with no leaves on them. They are virtually invisible in the winter there. In the other seasons be careful as the car will be hidden by shrubbery and the they will nail you as you come over the hill from Willow road near Shadowood lane.

Palatine road
Additional Info: On Rholwing Rd heading northbound between Nothwest Hwy and Palatine Rd. Cops hang out 4-6 hours a day to get people passing from the industrial area of Palatine to get to Route 53. X-Radar is quite freequent.

North-bound Edens(41) and Lake Cook Road road
Additional Info: Heading northbound on 41 cops sit on the northbound on-ramp from lake-cook rd. You can't see them until after you're past, then it's too late. Best advice:slow down until after you look back to check if a squad car is there.

I-355 road
Additional Info: I-355 southbound between Lake Street and 75th Street, Highway Patrol very prevalent and use moving radar. Largest speed-trap in Northern Illinois according to local surveys.

I-155 (Tazewell County) road
Additional Info: Tazewell County just inside the cty. line near Tremont the County Sherrifs Deputy's are now enamored with speedtraping the interstate. It is very tempting to speed on this highway because it is fairly desolate, But I strongly Suggest that you, resist this tempation, lest you meet your Maker, the County Mountie

Forest Preserve Dr. road
Additional Info: Forest Preserve Drive South-east of Harlem ave. in Chicago. Speed limit is 30 but is very easy to end up doing 50. Chicago P.D. will on occassion send 6-8 cars during afternoon rush-hour to sit on side of road, disguised by parked cars. They don't show up often and only in afternoon rush-hour. Go fast- but make sure you're behind a faster car.

Bolingbrook town
Additional Info: Bolingbrook Police now have laser and use it. I have seen them set up on south bound Route 53 coming into Bolingbrook. There is a left-hand curve just before you get to the Boughton Road shopping area. They sit in a commercial drive way and use the laser on cars coming directly at them. They seem to like to do this late Saturday afternoon.

I-294 road
Additional Info: On I294 just south of the 37 mile mark (south of the O'Hare Oasis) in the Northbound lane under an overpass, sits a trooper almost every night. Because it's so dark right where he sits, you can almost never see him.

I-72 road
Additional Info: The Illinois State Police is very active on I-72 between Springfield and Champaign-Urbana, especially in the twenty-mile stretch between Springfield and Decatur. I journeyed down this road the Wednesday before Memorial Day 1996, at about 9 A.M. in the morning, and saw about four Illinois State Police cars on the road--including two that had pulled over other motorists. Seventy M.P.H. (but no faster) appears to be safe on this road.

Norridge on East River Rd. town
Additional Info: On East River Rd., South of Bryn Mawr Ave. and North of Lawrence Ave., Norridge P.D. frequently runs radar, usu. perpendicular to East River Rd.. Posted is a 35mph limit and it is a smoothly paved four lane street. One side is Chicago, the other Norridge, but they will stop traffic on either side. Radar used ranges from X to K band, and Constant-on to Instant-on.

Gilberts town
Additional Info: On Rt.72 between Rt.47 and Randall Rd. Thru-town limit is 40 and there's almost always a cop on either the east or west side of this place ready to pounce. And DON'T pass cars that are slowing to turn right onto Tyrell Rd at the east edge of town---despite being striped as a passing zone, you will get a phony ticket for violating a "local ordinance".

Galva town
Additional Info: The cops in this town use radar a toy. Has to be the main source of income for the municipality.

Hinsdale town
Additional Info: On Ogden Avenue just west of the I-294 overpass, Hinsdale cops sit in a gravel parking lot directly across from local restaurant on the north side of the street. They point their radar (K-Band) east on Ogden towards the overpass. When heading east over I-294, because the grade of the road, you cannot see the cops shooting until you get to the mid point of the overpass when heading west on Ogden. I have seen them nail people (those who are unfortunate not to have the benefit of a detector) coming off I-294 northbound, southbound, and those travelling westbound on Ogden.

johnsberg town
Additional Info: the town of johnsberg had the highest number of dui arrests per officer in the state of illinios in 1995 as reported in the chicago tribune. they especialy like sitting by the spengle's meat packing plant on bay road in between rt 12 and chapple hill rd. i have been pulled over for the tire of my car touching the white line while making a right turn, and have been followed out of the village limits for almost a mile.they have also been overheard on the police scanner monitoring how long a certain car has been in the tavern parking lot.the cops will try to administer the sobriety test in such a way as to cause failure, i know this from personal experience, and have witnesses to backup every statement. most local people from mchenry,fox lake,and wonder lake avoid johnsberg whenever posible.

Wayne town
Additional Info: The Ludowici, Georgia of the North. Very fond of bagging people at the School Crossing Zone on Army Trail Road. No flashing lights on the sign (half-hidden in the trees), No Crossing Guard, No Orange Cones in the center of the street, Just the local gendarme who is a student of the Hitler Youth complete with radar unit. Doesn't understand the 500 foot rule either. (In Illinois, you have 500 feet after the sign to get to the speed limit posted). Really tore up the State's Attorney as he did not know about that either !!!

Hebron Rt. 173 town
Additional Info: The village's only cop loves to sit on the south side of route 173 just west of route 47 in the resque squad parking lot. Also, likes to sit on east side of route 47 north of route 173. Actually could be anywhere along those two main arteries. Best advise: don't speed at all in Hebron. It only takes the wink of an eye to get through Hebron anyway!

Lincolnshire town
Additional Info: Lincolnshire is a well-to-do north suburban town where a lot of "money" lives. As a result, the local law enforcement has a lot of time on their hands. One of their pet peeves is not front seat passengers not wearing seat belts. If you're driving through Lincolnshire, and have ANYTHING wrong with your vehicle (such as no front plate, back license plate light out, or other such "petty" offenses) - make SURE you're belted. I've been busted twice for these exact reasons, and it borders on harassment.

Berkeley town
Additional Info: Village police sit off the South side corner of St Charles road and Taft ave facing westbound to surprise motorists heading east on St Charles road. The I290 exits there and driving down an incline spells disater if not traveling the posted 30 MPH.

I-94 road
Additional Info: on southbound i-94, just after the i-294/i-94 split and tollbooth, there is a speed trap under an overpass on the south side of the road. this officer is tucked in pretty neatly to the vegetation on driver's right. he has been there every time i've passed through the area at night, completely blacked out. i passed him at 70 and he did not flinch. i did see a radar gun mounted on a post inside the cabin, pointed out the rear window.

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